Favorite Professional Fashion Photos

Good professional fashion photographers are hard to come by in my area, so here I give kudos to the guys who spend the big bucks to own a great camera, bright lights, and fancy backgrounds and props.
This was a close up photo of Ariel, the purpose being to show the detail in an artful way. This photo was taken by Steven Meyer, who was at that time the official OSU photographer.

Don Ferguson of Shadowsmith Photographics and I have worked together on and off since I was a student. He likes to work with black and white contrasts, so he pulled out all the stops for this dress, adding a great backdrop. This photo came out picture perfect.

Fifth Avenue
The idea of photographing clothes is to see the details, and the model's arm definitely gots in the way of the cute side ruffle. Don did a fine job keeping the arm out of the way and making the best use of this style.

Fifth Avenue
I also love the detail picture for this same dress, the way the fabric swirls around the models neck.

This picture of my daughter in "Grace" is gorgeous. It reminds me of Grace Kelly, thus the name for the dress. Elise was 3 months pregnant at the time of this picture. Also Don's work.

After being forced to find a new model, she recommended Tim Wydronek of Studio Works Photography. He has done photography for me a few times now, and this one is my favorite. I wanted him to show the drape in a special way, and he did just that.

Tim also snapped this picture of my Atlantis design. I rather like the "egyptian" feel that it has.

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