Favorite Personal Fashion Photos

All of the fashion photos you see on these pages were done by me. Good professional fashion photographers are hard to come by in my area. After many disappointing photo sessions, I decided to give it try myself. It has become something of an amateur hobby for me. Good photography is a combination of good models, good location, good lighting, good angles, and it's sometimes serendipity. I put many of these pictures on the website front page, and then they are rotated out- then what? Archival. Instead of slipping them away in a drawer on a CD, I've decided to post them here for you and I to enjoy once again. Click on the photo to see the picture full size.
This dress was modeled by Mary Lemmon, who is now my very own daughter-in-law. This picture in front of the window was lucky lighting for me. I like it very much and would like to use this idea again sometime.
bride with maids
My daughter Elise was my very best customer, and believe me, we did have to learn how to work together. For her wedding, we worked together on the designs of her gown and that of her bridesmaids, who are her best friends. I liked this picture I took of the three of them together.

This dress is one of my favorites, as it was inspired by my own mothers' wedding gown made of lace. Elise disliked taking pictures in public so I convinced her to model this dress for me in our livingroom. The lighting was awful, so I did quite a bit of photo-fixing to make this photo presentable. I'm very pleased with the outcome.
Though Micah modeled only a few times for me. She definitely had a way with the camera! She knew when to smile and pose, and look chic all the time. I happened to catch this one as we were playing with possible poses around the train at avery park. I really liked the way it turned out. It was her best picture in this dress, though she did other great pictures in other gowns.
Secret Garden
In door pictures are harder to take because the lighting is so tricky. I experimented with flash and no flash is this room, and this no flash picture was my favorite.

Secret Garden
This picture is a part of my earliest work as an amateur photographer. When Elise and I both saw it, we said to ourselves, hey, this girl could be in a magazine! It encouraged me to keep trying.

Southern Belle
Alma asked to model for me, so I took her out with three dresses to see how she would do with it. When I took this picture, I was sure the lighting would be bad from the start so I only took 2 poses here. Boy, was I wrong. Out of three rolls of film, this picture turned out the best of all.

gold fifth avenue
Besides Elise, Rachel was my standby model. She wasn't afraid to be all dresses up in public, and was happy to pose for me whenever, where ever. The problem we had is lighting of course. It was late in the day, the sun almost down, so we had this dark hue to deal with. This is my favorite picture of this dress.Compare it with the professional picures, and it has much more personality, I think.

Again, my daughter didn't want to go to much trouble to get pictures of my work, so we went across the park connected to our church and snapped a few photos. The wind caught the skirt of her dress just so, and I was ready to snap! That was lucky for me.

Parisian Holiday
My sister (modeling) came to visit from PA so the girls in my family decided to do a "girls night out". We had our nails and make-up done at the salon and then donned my fancy gowns to play model and take pictures to remind us of our fun evening together. Now that's a girls' night out!

I've always liked this casual picture of my daughter on the couch of our livingroom. Though she wouldn't say the same about it!

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